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  • Olivia Wilde and Conscious Commerce Promote Activism - BORGEN

    COLLEGE PARK, Maryland– Actress Olivia Wilde, who starred in the award winning “Her And Last Year’s Rush,” is considered to be in the prime of her career, yet the actress has decided to dedicate a great deal of her time not spent acting to her new business, Conscious Commerce, a website that promotes philanthropy in a different way.

    Rather than just asking people to donate money to a cause, Conscious Commerce asks consumers to donate money by buying products that they want. In this way, the website establishes a connection between specific brands and charities, because every purchase that a consumer makes will give a portion back to charity.

    In regard to this new way of encouraging people to be philanthropic, Wilde says, “It should be shocking when a product is not somehow helping the people who made it.”

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